Friday, August 3, 2012

A Night in with La Mulana

Title: La Mulana
Developer: Nigoro
Platform: PC

Metroidvania games have been lacking a little in recent years so it's with great honour that I present to you, La Mulana! Originally a game released in 2005 a recent 2012 remake has brought it once again into the lime light. If you enjoy games that have a load of puzzles and a whole lot of platforming in them (and occasionally you'll cry from how much you die) you'll enjoy this one. Collect gold and treasures to progress and ultimately unlock the secrets of La Mulana. If you want to know how to be terrible at this game then you should probably watch the video below.

The game is available now on Playism ( for US$14.99.

"Why am I so terrible at video games?"

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