Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Quest for Caviar and Lobster!

This ladies and gentleman, is the tale of the Lobster and Caviar burger from Wendy's. A burger which as far as i know only exists in the recently opened establishment in Roppongi, Tokyo. So as I happen to be in Tokyo at the moment, I figured what a fine opportunity to give this burger a taste test and tell all you loverly people how it went.

I left this afternoon from the monthly apartment where Im staying in Akebonobashi near Shinjuku and caught the train to Roppongi. Now I had read online that this new Wendy's was open near the Roppongi Hills Complex. So on my arrival I went straight towards Roppongi Hills in search of Wendy's. Now for those who don't know, Roppongi Hills turned out to be a massive, 3/4 mutli-storey building, shopping mall complex, with dozens of shops, restaurants, a garden/small park, the tv asahi studio and even its own gym and spas. I spent around about an hour, getting hungrier and hungrier, looking for this Wendy's. I couldn't use my phone to look up its true location, as it's a British phone, but I quickly gave it a true and accessed the map on my phone to try to find where it might be...No luck... I search hundreds of maps and signs and wandered around the entire Roppongi Hills Complex with no luck. I was even tempted to give up and just have lunch at the McDonalds or the 4/5 Starbucks' dotted around, but no I kept my resolve and pushed on.

Eventually, I gave up and asked a member of staff at the complex where the ever elusive Wendy's of Roppongi Hills might be? Even he was stumped and had to look it up on his phone. After a quick search it turns out that the Wendy's is not in Roppongi Hills at all but in the opposite direction from the place. It was on Gaien Higashi Dori, just down from the crossroads of Roppongi Dori and Gaien Higashi Dori, and across the street from a TGI Fridays. So I abandoned Roppongi Hills and walked another 15 minutes to finally arrive at Wendy's!

I went inside immediatly and purchased the Lobster and Caviar burger, with regular fries, regular coke and got a free Frostie ice cream with a coupon I got from an employee stood outside. I took my food up to the seating area and began my review:

Lets begin by breaking down the fries. Now the fries were as you would expect fries to be, crispy, and delicious and conviently fit into the lid of the burger box. These Wendy's fries came pre-salted like McDonalds but not as limp and even still had they potato skins left on which was a nice touch.

Now the drink was well...none thirst quenching. Two gulps and I'd basically finished this beverage. Unfortunately, the drink came with half an iceberg...pretty sure it was the same one that sunk the Titanic too. This is a common con for food and drink establishments in order to make a little bit of extra money, they add in a large amount of ice so that the amount of the actual drinnk in the cup is less, yet you appear to be getting a full cup. However, this Wendy's does have a Freestyle cup which is refillable and larger, in hindsight I should've bought that instead it would've only cost me 50 yen extra but I was hungry and thristy and didn't wanna bother. Also with the addition of the free ice cream which had pretty much melted by the time I'd finished eating, I pretty much got an extra drink anyway.

Now for the moment you've all been waiting for. The Lobster and Caviar Burger:

This burger was delicious. It was cool and refreshing with all the salad, which was perfect because today was very hot and humid. Lettuce, tomato, red onion, some potato salad, mayo, lobster and caviar. It was quite the delicious combination. The burger was a decent size, not ridiculously tiny but not so huge that it felt like something out of man vs food. The only complaint that I had about the burger was that key ingredients, the lobster and cavier, could barely be tasted over the potato salad, mayo and even the lettuce and tomato. I would not have even known that the caviar was even there if I hadn't ordered it. And I somehow feel that the case is the same with the Surf n Turf burger, which is lobster and beef burger.


All in all though, it was a good day out. Although I ended up wandering around Roppongi for an hour it did mean I got to full day and that I didn't travel 20 minutes just for a burger. Though the burger was delicious as a whole, the lobster and caviar were overpowered by the rest of the burger. My final issue with the whole thing is the price...This burger meal cost me 1,540 yen, that's about 12.32GBP or 19.40USD! And the burger by itself cost 1,230 yen. It wasn't alot for the amount of money I paid for, I really just paid for the contents of the burger not for the quality of taste. If I'm paying of £10 for a burger I wanna be able to taste everything in the damn thing! Throw in the cost of train fare and this burger cost me 2001 yen, £16.01 or $25.21.

 Don't get me wrong, the price is the only thing I really picked on, but that's only because I'm always stingy with my cash. This is definitely a great experience and it's a story I'll always have with me, so I definitely recommend it. If lobster isn't your taste there are other 'Gourmet' burgers available, such as Fois Gras, Avacado and more. Go with a bunch of friends and try different ones, and then go out and enjoy the rest of Roppongi! It makes for a great day out!

Gochisousama deshita!

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