Friday, June 29, 2012

Diablo 3 Challenge - What Did I Get Myself Into?

Day 1 - ... When does the money start rolling in?

Total Earned: £0.00

You remember the challenge? Earn back the money spent on buying the game within the space of 14 days. Hack, slash and magic my way to that magic £40.

That's what I told myself, but then I bought Diablo 3 anyway.

My first thoughts were "this is gonna be easy" just play the game till rare loot drops then sell it all for minimum profit, rinse and repeat till you make it all back, right? WRONG. You can't just sell anything and expect to get a sale, for real money, straight away. At this stage in the game the gamers willing to part with cash are very particular.


Even so, it didn't kill the excitement of loot explosions. I still remember the first yellow item drop - it was beautiful. Seeing that fresh loot drop and then identifying the item and getting giddy about the stats on the item.

It's four acts of pure monster filled pain and this was just the standard "Normal" difficulty. Leisurely and you can afford to make mistakes. Soon the game would have its revenge.

Then, it happened...

My mind exploded when this Legendary popped up.
After this baby appeared I thought I was seeing my first bit of money. Little did I know, it would be a long day of waiting... 

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