Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The FREE Online Co-op List

"Free games", they're a beautiful thing. Come and join me as I take you through a journey of the best free co-op'able games I've had the pleasure of playing. I recommend you try them all. See my other co-op list for games that aren't free but still highly recommended for all your co-op needs.

Team Fortress 2 (PC)
Something strange is happening here...

The king of free games at the moment, but also infamous for being the king of premium cosmetic items, dubbed the 'Hat Simulator'. You can freely play the game and earn all sorts of items, through achievements and general playing, to spruce up your classes, so no need to fork out any money.

At the core of the game it is a simple FPS shooter game ranging from the traditional deathmatch modes to variations of Capture-the-Flag and Payload (whereby you take it in turns to defend and push a cart of explosives into the enemy base).

Hatbeard. It's gonna be a fashion hit.

This is a class based shooter so you have several types to pick from: Spy, Medic, Heavy, Sniper, Scout, Pyro and Engineer. All with their own special abilities and weapons. I urge you to go try it now! Just download Steam and start that baby going (may take a long time as TF2 is a monster download).

Vindictus (PC)
Uhhh, no comment.

An MMO running on Valve's Source Engine? Sure is! Good fun and free. You use a combination of the mouse buttons and good timing to smash your way through mini-instances. Essentially the action boils down to: collect quests, go to instances and complete quests. Simple yet fun.

This is lies, you start off dressed as a peasant.

There are 3 characters to choose from when you set out on your magic journey of Source MMOness: Lann, a dual wielding sword maniac; Fiona, sword-and-shield banlanced character; Evie, slightly harder to play, but it's worthwhile as she's a magic caster; Karok, hard-hitter, carries around a giant log to smash enemies with.

Remember to help your dying friends, not just sit on them.

Alien Swarm (PC)
Seems a little overkill.

Alien Swarm is a top-down shooter than 4 of you can take on together. With 4 classes to choose from: Medic, Tech, Officer, Special Weapons. Your objective is to clear each level, while completing objectives such as "go here", "kill this", "destroy this". Simple and straight forward, but a challenge  if you don't make the most of your teamwork and balance out your classes.

Tesla is not as awesome as you expect. More stun, less exploding.

Think Team Fortress but top-down and against aliens. Before each mission you can change loadouts of each class. You unlock some interesting weaponry but I think you'll rarely stray from the core loadouts you start with.

It's definitely going to explode...

Not particularly a long game but it'll keep you hooked while it lasts. I'm sure there are new community-made levels you can download too and try them out!

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