Saturday, June 9, 2012

What else you got, Nintendo?!

2012 is going to be good for the 3DS with so many first-party giants on the move: Paper Mario, New Super Mario Bros 2 and for all Pokemon fans you get an new and improved Pokedex and a Dream Radar available through the eShop, both of which can be used in the new and improved Pokemon Black & White 2.

So what else do they have on the way?
Rhythm Thief? Uh-oh, more addictive rhythm games? Here is a list of some other titles on the way with some accompanying screenshots:

Of course, the obligatory Spider-Man movie-tie-in-game.

Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

POW. SOCK. ZIP. BAM. Anyone?

Transformers Prime: The Game


Rabbids Rumble

This game series doesn't need explanation. It's minigames on crack.

Heroes of Ruin

This actually looks interesting. Expect more on this in the future. Dungeon crawling multiplayer action akin to Diablo/Torchlight fun, but on the 3DS.

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