Thursday, June 7, 2012

An Evening With The 3DS - Part 2

What else did we see from Nintendo's exclusive hour of 3DS magic?

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

We've had far too much coverage of this game, several trailers with one in particular spanning nearly 10 minutes. As a long term fan of the series I'm constantly left wondering "when are we getting Kingdom Hearts 3?" A sequel to Kingdom Hearts 2 and inspired with the new knowledge we learned from Birth by Sleep, the adventure follows Sora and Riku as they do some other nonsensical quest where we meet Disney characters along the way.

I really can't take Mickey seriously in these games. That voice. 

There's something terrifying about their models. It's especially jarring against the other characters in the Kingdom Hearts universe.

The combat. Usual blur of colours and effects.

The nostalgia of seeing your Disney favourites alongside these Square Enix characters will never subside but the tiresome convoluted plotlines definitely will. This title may yet change my mind about it but the Magic 8 ball result doesn't look good. I will still enjoy the nostalgia, the fun combat system, but I really wish I knew what was going on in the world of Kingdom Hearts without having to read up about it.

Scribblenauts Unlimited

 I know what I would draw if I had a magic pen and pad...

Cthulhu Vs. T-Rex Vs. God rematch, anyone?

I don't have much to say about Scribblenauts Unlimited. When I first got hold of the first version I scribbled for about a day but then the fun was over after I ran out of words within my own personal limited vocabulary. The aim of the game was to go from mission to mission collecting stars, using items that you spawn in to acquire these stars.

From what I understand about this new version it's no longer a set of linear missions but instead an open world where Maxwell has to solve problems to get stars by using his magic scribbles. As always no rude words, but you can waste away a few hours spawning monsters/iconic figures and have them fight it out. Cthulhu better be in this new one too.

As the title is also coming on the WiiU I wonder if there will be functionality between the 3DS and WiiU versions. Perhaps a multiplayer whereby multiple people can be spawning in scribbles at the same time using WiiU gamepad and 3DS as controllers? I can dream.

New Super Mario Bros 2

Luigi. Always left behind to pick up the pieces.

It was inevitable. Not that I'm complaining. New Super Mario Bros Wii has brought me endless hours of 4-player multiplayer rage and fun. This time you can co-op the entire game with a buddy which is a welcome addition to make the sometimes-frustrating levels a little bit easier to tolerate when bolstered by the banter of a friend. Warning to gamers yet to experience the multiplayer elements of the New Super Mario Bros games, you WILL lose friends.
Luigi left to suffer in Bubble Hell.

A new power is added to the Mario arsenal, Coin Flowers. Your fireballs now turn everything into coins and makes for an even more coin orientated game than usual. The overall number of coins you collect per level is tallied up to an overall total which likely unlocks certain rewards.

Gold is not your colour, Mario.

Everything gold! EVERYTHING!

Streetpass rears its head in this installment. There's a new Coin Attack style mode whereby 3 random levels appear and you must complete them, collecting as many coins as possible, this is then stored and streetpass'd to a buddy. Your friend must then do the exact same challenge and attempt to beat your score. I have it under authority that it is addictive and this is another element that may lose you friends.

Gimmie, gimmie.

This game is one of a few that will pioneer the new scheme to offer full 3DS AAA titles for download on the eShop. Will need to buy more SD cards but this could be the future, provided the prices are right.

Overall, the hour was a nice showreel of all the games to come in 2012. No surprises, mainly guaranteed hits. But is this all there was? Stay tuned for a summary of other games that made an appearance.

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