Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Movie Talk (John Carter)

Title: John Carter
Theatre Release date: 9th March 2012
Home Media Release date: 5th June 2012

At first glance you see this movie and you'll think, "Epic! Aliens and sword-fighting! It must be good!". However, movies these days have a bad habit of showing all the good parts in their trailers.

This movie is not worth your hard-earned money for a cinema visit but I would recommend you give it a chance on home media or even through legal streaming media - this is especially true if you have children. This movie has a lot of colourful characters and good amount of action,it won't bore you but, essentially, the movie is a Disney live-action movie. Expect it to be child-friendly and avoid if Disney is not to your liking.

Je m'appelle John Carter

The titular protagonist is played by Taylor Kitsch (Gambit from the recent X-Men Origins movie). I feel his acting is a bit lacklustre and the main female character is also unlikeable. However, the aliens do make up for it as the CGI was done well. This movie was based on old sci-fi series of books by Edgar Rice Burroughs and was then a comic strip. The premise of the story is cool but only through tweaking the source material has it become bearable.

One last bone to pick: oh dear, that dog, why...? That is all.


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