Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Scott Pilgrim... The Collectors Edition~

Have you guys heard of a little known thing called 'Scott Pilgrim?!'
Well, I bring to you a little bit of interesting news~ 

But first for those who don't know about the series. Scott Pilgrim was originally a series of graphic stories by Bryan Lee O'Malley.

Scott Pilgrim is a series of books spanning from 1-6 volumes from the years 2004 -2010. The graphic stories depict the life of 23 year old Scott Pilgrim, his love life and his band. (I won't go too much into it as I'm sure you all know what happens!) After the 6th and final installment of the books in 2010, it spawned many things- A hollywood movie (2010), A short Animation, A game (2010) and countless merch.

Without sounding TOO hipster (I totally was into the comic books before everyone else) I've loved the comics ever since I was introduced to them, and was kinda dreading the Hollywood movie (Michael Cera playing the lead?! Wasn't something I could picture well).

So any news about something knew to do with the series is a tad bitter sweet to me. I'm now getting the sense its being OVER done. How much longer can you milk this series?

The author Bryan Lee O'Malley announced today via his Twitter and tumblr, that he'll be releasing a Collectors Edition of Volume 1 of the series!...So! Am I excited?!
.....Not really!

After borrowing the books off a friend to orginally read it, then buying the boxset which was realised and now ANOTHER variation of it is coming out? How many times can i pay for the SAME THING!? Though you do get a lot of pretty extras in the super limited edition!

On July 11th, O’Malley and Oni Press will unveil the EVIL EDITION and COLLECTOR’S EDITION versions of PRECIOUS LITTLE LIFE.' (Taken from his Tumblr)
Apparently the Evil Edition is going for $40! ooft. and then the Collectors Edition is going for.....$100! Sweet mercy!

This Collectors Edition contains -
* A numbered book plate signed by Bryan Lee O’Malley 
* Five art prints featuring both versions of the cover, along with three of volume 1’s biggest moments—each measuring 9x12 
* Eleven vinyl stickers featuring some of O’Malley’s favorite panels from the book 
* Two scout-style embroidered badges featuring Pilgrim and Patel (not pictured) 
* A hand-crumpled setlist from Crash & the Boys drummer Trasha 
* A two-inch metal Scott Pilgrim 1-up coin 
* A code for the digital edition of SCOTT PILGRIM VOLUME 1 COLOR EDITION from ComiXology 

So over all...there are 3 versions of the same thing?! There's the plain old Colour Edition (the first volume but fully coloured I'm guessing) then there is the Evil Edition (Which had the first evil ex on the cover) then there is the Collectors Edition?! OH BOY! 

This is the Colour and Evil Editions, Okay, they do look pretty sweet.

Now are there really enough die hard fans out there to buy them? I would of thought all those fans bought the previous boxset?! I do really like the series, but i dont think i would ever spend this much on a collectors edition (though it does look might pretty)

What do you think? Would you buy into this? 

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